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Did You Know

  • Did you know a transmission service/ transmission filter and fluid change is a part of your routine maintenance and WILL NOT fix transmission problems or shifting issues
  • Did you know once your fluid is "burnt, contaminated or has metal shavings...the only way to fix this is have the transmission fully rebuilt replacing all damaged or worn components.
  • Did you know transmissions have up to and sometimes more than 100 different components. From orings, seals, and gaskets, to drums, planets, gears, electrical solenoids and valve bodies. They are very complex and need trained professionals to rebuild correctly.
  • Did you know sometimes you may have an electrical problem for instance wiring or computer issues along with a defective transmission.
  • Did you know other systems in you car can affect your transmission performance. Such as the way your engine is running, your ABS system, traction control and your 4WD system.
  • Did you know a code scan is not a diagnostic. A code scan reads codes but diagnostic may involve testing pressures, electrical circuits, etc and can be quite time consuming. This is why most shops charge a diagnostic fee
  • Did you know there are hundreds of different types of transmissions from manual to automatic, CVTS, to dual clutch. Transmission technicians must have the correct tools and knowledge to repairs all of these
  • Did you know GM TH400 has been in use from 1964 to 1993

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